Submission Rules (for BMS creators)

  • BMS must be playable by LR2. (Autoplay)
  • For BMSON, it must be playable in Bemuse or raindrop.
  • BMS must be keysounded. This means at least 70% of the notes must have a playable sound.
  • Unreleased BMS/BMSON only. The song can be released beforehand.
  • Submission must contain at least one Single Play chart (7keys or 5keys)
  • Songs submitted without the consent of the author are not allowed. This includes arrangements, covers and remixes.
  • Any submissions infringing copyright will be removed.
  • Any submissions deemed too offensive and/or controversial will be removed at sight.
  • Though this is a western-based event, anyone is encouraged to enter!
  • Modification of the archive during impression period is prohibited with the exception of major errors such as music not playing.
    If there has been a minor error, please upload an appenidx with the updated/fixed files than can be extracted over the original.
  • Late admissions will be allowed for 1 week, but you will have to contact the event organization.
  • BMSON files are allowed - but be aware of their limitations in audience.

Impression Rules (for players)

  • Impression score will range from 1 through 100 points
  • A single person can only vote once per submission.
  • Impression comments are preferred (and highly encouraged) in English.
  • The winner is decided by log10 ([Number Impressions]) x [Average Score]
  • Vandalism and Propaganda is prohibited.
  • You’re not allowed to post impressions on your own submission.
  • Impression period will be extended by 1 week if there are 30 or more submissions

We recommend you use cloud drives such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive for uploading your BMS archives.
An event package will be created after the registration period has concluded.